Friday, August 28, 2009

Greatest memoriable experience for me this year! =)

Ahh, can’t barely move or write.. But I hafta stay strong since I hafta go to heavy duty traning this Saturday morning since MSSKL is coming.. =( I don’t really blame my tiredness since I had fun though yesterday. Round 10am, mum paksa me go to her office to help out with some of her *chores*.. round 11.15, I was finally released to go to the badminton court juz below my house. Those who attend the badminton event were Zheng Kang, Tze Keat, Sandra, Adeline Gan, Pinky, Zun Zen, Gaik Xuang, my sis, my cousin and my mum who came bout 1pm. I was freaking mad at first when the cleaner didn’t let me in since the court open at 12pm.. but I booked the court at 11.30am since I know the boss.. So we hafta wait till 12pm be4 the court is open.. When the boss arrive, I juz told him that the cleaner didn’t let me go into the court and there it goes *boom*!! The boss juz scolded the cleaner but I didn’t really see the quarrel as I was mad.. So there were two courts available.. So, the result is girls one court and boys one court.. Ahh, I played so bad.. Even when I smash, the ball will fall right in front of me after hitting it.. Oh my gosh. It was freaking embarrassing since I wore the Pudu Badminton shirt in front of many people.. Yesterday was really tiring and I juz cannot play an hour straight. Surprisingly, my small cousin oso came with his mum to the court to see us.. I oso don’t know how Zun Zen got his pic and uploaded it to the blog.. Aiks! Bout 2pm, we finished playing badminton and we finally headed to a kopi tiam near Pudu Plaza.. I was juz sitting there dreaming since I haf running nose and slight fever. It was never like this before! I ordered Pan Mee and I hafta wait with Tze Keat, Zun Zen, Sandra my sis and my mum for the Pan Mee.. Adeline, Gaik Xuang, Pinky ordered Hainan Chicken Rice later and they got it first.. uhh.. =( Zheng Kang ordered Yee Mee if I’m not mistaken.. Bout 2.45pm, I hafta leave for Martin and when I reached there, the whole class was full and that slumpy Joel managed to book place for his GOOD GOOD friend, Chu Yee and others.. So I juz returned to the Kopi Tiam again. Bout 4pm, we go back home..

Some of the girls who came

Sandra bergaya!

Was forced to play singles against Tze Keat and Zheng Kang..

Zheng Kang and Tze Keat

Pinky and Zun Zen

Gaik Xuang and Sandra

Sandra holding money for the rent of badminton courts

Some of us in the Kopi Tiam

All of us!

All of us!

At home, I was too tired to shower and I almost slept in the bathroom. Thank God my mum shouted and ask me to quickly get ready to go to my sis school, SBU to get permission slip for her KGT.. While waiting for the principal to sign the form in the school, I took a look around her school. Oh my gosh! It’s juz as nice as BJSS! The field, the badminton court, all awesome! I hope I can transfer school next year! =P if my mum lets.. after 30 minutes, my mum, my sis and I hafta ronda around Taman Shamelin taking pictures and I busily doing the draft of the peta.. Bout 5.30, my mum decided to drive to Sandra’s house to get her KGT since she done it and go back home.. In my mind, I think my mum will definitely stay at Sandra’s home and will haf a good time talking to Sandra’s mum.. And it is true! Not only that, our mums decided to haf dinner together! Haha.. Pinky overnight at Sandra’s house since she live far far away in Pahang near Genting. There was this game in an Iphone called the Moron Game and it was freaking funny.. I only managed to play till level 2 and GAME OVER! Haha.. Bout 7pm, we headed to a restaurant at Taman Midah. On the way, Sandra and I were busily taking pics of Pinky.. Dunno why.. heh. Sandra’s parents, her bro, her, Pinky, my mum, my sis and I attended the dinner.. We didn’t really managed to talk a lot since my mum was busily taking pics ALWAYS.. Sandra’s dad was really funny, He remembered bout the Rubik’s cube joke even though it happened a week ago. The food’s really delicious.. Before eating, Sandra was telling Pinky bout the food.. She said it’s vegetables and as if Pinky’s never seen a vegetable be4! So it happened that Sandra served me first as she’s a lady. xD and she keep saying I should be the one who’s serving as I’m a gentleman. Sandra and I counted the score of servin each other and I lose 3-1! Malu betul.. xD I served Pinky chicken wing and she doesn’t want it. And Sandra was teasing me like Pinky doesn’t want me to serve and bla bla bla.. Bout 8pm, my mum received a call frm my dad and WTH? I forgot my tuition and my English teacher was waiting at my house.. So we quickly finish the dinner and we finally went home.. Pinky followed Sandra to her Chinese tuition and Sandra’s mum went for tap tap dancing.. hahaha! That’s all for the event yesterday~~


Pinky trying to hide her face.. haha

Missed this shot!

Sandra and my phone's mascot.

Alex and I

Me, Sandra and Pinky

Me, Sandra, Pinky and Dana

Me, Dana, Sandra and Pinky

Sandra taking pic of our parents

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Merentas Desa Zon Bangsar 2009~~

Aihh.. it's all a years work and it ended in juz half an hour time.. Yesterday, the whole MBS runners except Se Zhe (dunno pergi mana) and some quatermaster people went to this comp at Taman Tasik Perdana.. We hafta arrive in skul bout 7am and leave by bus round 7.20am... We had to wait super crazy and the race finally started at 9.10am+.. Luckily boys under 17 started first.. at the starting line, i put myself so down.. The runners around me look pratically fit and the legs are damn muscular.. Not only that, they come from Victoria Institution, Maktab Tentera Diraja, Seri Sentosa and Vivikananda.. Huh, i juz shook my head and say GG this time.. Finally the results came and i finally managed to get 8 among 80 competitors if i'm not mistaken.. Congrats to Jun Yip who qualify for Zon Bangsar too! He got number 4 for under 15.. Credits to Barry Fong who get number 13 but it wasn't enough to qualify.. The event finished and managed to talk to Amelia from MGS. Gratz to her who get number 5! Great improvement. The bus finally left for school bout 10.20am. At schoo, Waiyih, Chiow Nein, Kah Mun and I decided to go for lunch. I even promise Chiow Nein to belanja lunch and we went to Mc D.. we were juz waiting for school to end so we could go in. We juz ate slowly to waste time and bout 1pm, we went to popular to get air cond.. xD. This is all for yesterday's event.. Juz so sad that Sandra, Vivian, Adeline and Gaik Xuang didn't manage to represeng Zon Pudu.. aww.. that's all for now.. will update asap

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Sweet Sixteenth Birthday~~ Part 2 (Zun Zen requested)

The day has finally came and I postponed this outing so many times. I actually planned to have it on the 2nd, but my mum don’t allow me since I’ll have piano exam on the 5th August. I postponed it till 8th August. I cannot have it since many schools are having exams and most of them cannot come. And finally I make a final decision on the 15th. Those who came and celebrate were Wei Joe, Brandon, Mun Chun, Adrian, Joel, Chun Hong, Choon Wei, Dickson, Sndra, Zun Zen, Jasmine, Jordy, Joseph, Clarence and Jarn Jiang. Chu Yee jie last minute cannot come cause daddy don’t let.. aww.. Dickson and I arrived at Pavilion about 12.15 pm and Sandra, Zun Zen and Jasmine were already waiting at Ichiban Boshi. Without my expectations, they gave me an Adidas Clima 365 bag! It worths bout rm 140!!! Omg.. wanna thank Sandra, Zun Zen, Jasmine, Vivian, Siew Jin and Adeline for the present..
We were waiting for Brandon and the gang. When I called them, they were shopping at Zara.. omg.. once we gathered, we headed to Fridays Restaurant to have lunch. Sandra and I shared pasta, and many of them did since most of us are quite full. While I was away finding my friends who just arrived, who are Chun Hong, Joel, Jordy and Clarence, I think Wei Joe they’ll asked the Fridays waiter to make a surprise birthday cake for me.. after we ate, I was asked to stand on the chair and I was surprised to see a cake, but but for 1 person.. haha.. after the song was sung, then came one of the most weird thing. Wei Joe asked me to answer honestly if I were to choose Sandra, Zun Zen and Jasmine as my gf, who would I choose? I was like ahh.. and simply answer Sandra for the sake of it.. then, he asked me to tell me one good thing about each one of them around the table. After that, I was forced to eat the cake in 3 minutes time.. not only that, Adrian put pepper and sugar on the cake! Here’s the look of the cake and the birthday celebration like..

Some of the people in Fridays

Joe and Choon Wei

Was forced to stand on the chair

Chun Hong’s funny shirt!

My Birthday Cake

We then headed to GSC to see what movies to watch. Sandra asked us to watch The Proposal. The queue was super long! Then I just cut to almost the front 10! Sry for the victims.. =) At last, it was only Sandra, Zun Zen and I bought tickets for the movie ‘On His Majesty’s Secret Service’ about 4.30 since the seats were all full. Since it was around 3, my gang decided to go Lecka-Lecka for a tower of beer!! So we went while Sandra and Zun Zen ate ice cream in Pavilion. About 4pm, Brandon, Wei Joe, Choon Wei and Joel have o leave for MTV World Stage. The others decided to join me for movies.. Here’s the pics in Lecka-Lecka..

Chun Hong, Adrian, Me, Joe, Joel and Choon Wei

Brandon and Dickson

Brandon and his favourite

Tiger Tower
Choon Wei, Wei Joe, Joel, Brandon, Dickson and Mun Chun
Me adminring the beer

Dickson holding the empty tower

Brandon, Dickson and Mun chun

Mun Chun with tiger tower

Mun Chun and Choon Wei

Then, we hafta book tickets for the rest and again cut the line.. before going to the movies, we ordered some food and drink.. we tried being lame to the people by ordering Big Mac, Chicken Spicy Mc Deluxe and Fillet-O-Fish.. Sandra laughed till her teeth nearly came off.. mb she haven’t seen mbs style of lame be4.. =D and I didn’t even realize I made a mistake when I said cup in corn instead of corn in cup.. mb was quite drunk and didn’t think properly… then we headed in the cinema.. it was awesome in the cinema.. we were like hoo hah-ing non stop and can say the noisiest, especially Adrian and Mun Chun.. We’ll laugh non stop when advertisements on beer came out.. not only one unfortunately.. got calrsberg, tiger beer, etc.. and we were crazy and non-stop laughing..I took the pics from Zun Zen's blog..

Chun Hong and Dickson

Mun Chun half drunk

The movie was seriously damn funny! Although I do no not know most of the words since it’s Cantonese, I can feel the sense of humour! Haha.. After the movie, Sandra and Zun Zen hafta go.. So we go for Lecka-Lecka second round.. Halfway, Zun Zen smsed me where am I and she’s alone since Sandra went back first.. So I teman her at Pavilion first, then I only join Chun Hong they’ll at Lecka-Lecka again.. We ordered again 1 tiger tower.. Chun Hong damn yeng.. 3 glasses of Tiger one shot.. I dunno how I can stand man.. Dickson didn’t drink much.. Pei Shin says his a good boy. xD.. We finished bout 9.30 and we went back home.. everybody was drunk.. Adrian is the most geng one.. dunno where he go and talk super loud!! Dickson was alright.. nothing happen since he didn’t drink much.. Mun Chun was like drunk till the LRT cashier asked him whether his alright or not.. not only that, at the ticket there, the guard even asked him whether he was alright.. then at the car, he smsed me whether I’m alright.. hehe.. next is Adrian, at Times Square, he asked Chun Hong where is he.. Chun Hong typed Police Station instead of Pudu Station.. lol. I called Adrian and he said whether I was alright and it should be the other way round.. Now Chun Hong’s turn.. He was drunk till he boarded the Sri Petaling train till Bandar Tun Razak, he go bak to Chan Sow Lin and interchange train.. while going to his house, the traffic light turned red for the pedestrian crossing. He just continued to walk and a car nearly bang him.. oh my! At home, he can’t even put his house key into the door.. He tried so many times and he succeeded! =D

Haiz, we haf a great laugh that Monday.. and congrats to Adrian Yap! MBS should know why.. haha.. it’s top secret! It’ll be exposed soon! Haih.. that’s the end of my Birthday Party.. Will try to update my blog frequently.. juz came bak from Merentas Desa Zon Bangsar and managed to get number 8.. at least I can smile as I didn’t expect… VI, Maktab Tentera, Vivikananda all in my group.. At least qualify to represent Zon Bangsar.. hope to see my SBU friends represent Zon Pudu for girls category who are running 2mrw.. Wanna wish good luck to all of them! Buaiz!!


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